Search Engine Optimisation

With well over 30 billion pages on the internet it’s of no surprise that people are interested in how they can increase their search ranking and therefore the number of visitors they receive to their site.

Kingsmead Interactive has had many years experience of improving customer’s websites to make them as desirable to search engines as possible, but this doesn’t mean designing your website for search engines, far from it. To succeed in the search engines your site needs to be designed to be as informative and useful as possible to your users and customers. Once you succeed in this you’ll stand a much better chance at your site moving up the search engine rankings.

Below are just a few of the many area’s we’ll look at to help improve your sites user experience, as well as your search engine listings:

  • Page structure and layout – to draw both the user and the search engine to what’s important on the page.
  • Descriptive URL’s – many dynamic sites (database driven) have long cumbersome URL’s which contain characters like “?” and “&”. We can help you convert those URL’s to be more user-friendly and descriptive like the ones you see in the address bar of this site.
  • Meta and title tags – many sites miss the opportunity to use these tags to their full potential.
  • Web Standards – Not only does adhering to W3C ( web standards and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) help your sites accessibility it can also help you search listings.
  • Web Redirects – often when companies launch a new site they don’t create permanent (301) redirects to pages on the new site and so loose the search rankings they had achieved.
  • Site maps – many search engines will accept specially formatted XML documents which detail the structure of pages within your site. Kingsmead Interactive have created their own software to help you easily generate these and submit them to the search engine on a regular basis.

As you might expect Kingsmead Interactive’s existing products like the E-Commerce webStore are already highly optimised to be as search engine friendly as possible already.